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Dimethyopropionic Acid

Molecular Weight 134.1
Appearance White powdery crystal
Content ≥98%
Melting point ≥180°C
Impurity Index Sign
Hydroxyl value ≤24% Residual aldehyde ≤0.03%
Fe ≤5PPM Moisture ≤0.3%
Ash ≤0.03% Peroxide ≤0.01%
Uses Dimethylolpropionic acid is a multifunctional compound. It is not only a chain extender in the manufacture of waterborne polyurethane, but also because of the introduction of a hydrophilic group carboxyl group, the polyurethane obtains emulsifying properties, so it can be made stable. Excellent self-emulsifying waterborne polyurethane. At present, DMPA has been widely used in the production of water-emulsion leather finishing agents. In addition to the above-mentioned Uses, DMPA can also be used in polyester coatings, photopolymerization compositions, new liquid crystal materials, adhesives and magnetic recording materials, etc. After adding DMPA, the stability, hydrophilicity, homogeneity and properties of the product can be improved. Durability.
Storage Airtight storage is required, stored in a cool and dry place, with 10cm thick wooden boards under the stack, and 50cm away from the wall.
Packing 25kg paper-plastic composite bag
Production 40 tons/month
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